Emily Smejkal, P.Geol
Emily Smejkal, P.Geol is a geologist by training (BSc. 2007) with over 10 years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector. Her work has been primarily with the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, where she spent the first portion of her career working on heavy oil deposits. She focused on fluvial and marine depositional environments, of which she created detailed 2D and 3D facies models. She also planned and executed drilling programs for both new and existing oil fields. While working on SAGD (steam assisted gravity drainage) heavy oil projects, Emily was a geologic specialist for both wellbore integrity and surface facility geochemistry projects. She is also experienced in GIS, subsurface mapping, 3D and 4D modelling, project management, facies modelling and sedimentary depositional environments.

Currently Emily is transitioning her experience to geothermal exploration in sedimentary basins and is working as a geologic consultant for Alberta No. 1.

To contact Emily Smejkal, P.Geol please e-mail instructor@progress-seminars.com.