Practical Hydraulics
Training Course

1 Days

$995 CAD

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Course Description
This course guides the attendee from the basics of fluid flow to practical applications of hydraulics using simple math. The course will cover many everyday ways in which a knowledge of liquid and vapour hydraulics are necessary to understand what is happening and how to solve problems. Many examples will be discussed throughout the course of when operations are affected by poor hydraulics. Design of hydraulic systems will also be covered.

This course aims to also solve individual hydraulic issues. Students are welcome and encouraged to send any questions and problems they have to the instructor before the course for class discussion and additional resources.

Who Should Attend
This course is intended for plant Engineers, process Engineers, mechanical Engineers, operations personnel and anyone with a need to understand and troubleshoot hydraulic problems.

1. What is a fluid?
2. Fluid types
3. Bernoulli Energy Balance
4. Head vs Pressure
5. Key Fluid Properties
6. Flow Regimes
7. Friction and How to Calculate it
8. Gas Hydraulics
9. Critical Flow
10. Two-Phase Hydraulics
11. Slurry Hydraulics
12. Bingham Plastics Hydraulics
13. Open Channel Flow
14. Pipe Fittings
15. Orifice Plates
16. Control Valves
17. Calculate Net Positive Suction Head
18. Hydraulic Gradient Line (HGL)
19. Transient Analysis
20. Vortices
21. Pipeline Hydraulics
22. Line Designation Tables
23. Overpressure Protection of Pipes
24. Network Hydraulics
25. Draining Pipes
26. Air in Pipes
27. Pipe Hammer
28. Hydro Power Plants
29. Syphons
30. Weirs
31. Hydraulic Institute
32. Fathom Software
33. Excel Spreadsheet
34. Examples of Hydraulic Calculations

Keith Timms, P.Eng.
Keith Timms has been a Process Engineer for 46 years and has worked in the chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas and oil sands industries in both the UK and Canada. Half of his career has been in Operations and he therefore has a good understanding of what actually works and what does not and how to troubleshoot problems. Keith is very practical and hands-on but also has a very deep understanding of engineering fundamentals which he likes to apply to all problems.

Keith has worked in many areas of Operations such as Utilities, Upgraders, Refineries, Tailings, Chemical Units, etc.

Working in Operations has given Keith a keen understanding of safety and this has resulted in Keith developing expertise in overpressure protection, relief scenario identification, HAZOPS and LOPAs. Keith has facilitated hundreds of HAZOPS and LOPAs as well as Risk Assessments and Event Tree Analysis.

Keith is a hands-on facilitator that draws out risks and hazards and also tries to make the sessions enjoyable. Clients include Shell, Syncrude, Suncor, Husky Energy, Nexen, IOL, BP, ConocoPhillips and Enbridge Pipelines.

Keith has also developed particular expertise in the hydraulics of many types of fluids in many types of applications including pipelines and networks.

Keith is a funny, energetic, positive instructor that enjoys working closely with clients to deliver innovative solutions. He believes in developing good rapport by listening and understanding goals and interests.

Keith is currently an independent consultant and has been a P.Eng. with APEGA since 1984.

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