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Collaborative, Interactive and Relevant Training for the Energy Industry
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Renewable & Alternative Energy Technologies and Canada’s Energy Future
Training Course

1 Days

$995 CAD

Upcoming Sessions
There is currently no upcoming sessions available for this course. Please check back later!
Course Description
Energy is essential to ensure our current quality of life and to underpin all other elements of the Canadian economy. From wood to coal to whale oil to petroleum, the sources of energy on which civilization depends have always changed as technology advances. Now that renewable energy technologies are offering the promise of clean, abundant energy gathered from self-renewing resources such as the sun, wind, earth, and plants, the greater energy conversation in politics, and at the dinner table, has changed to renewables. Unfortunately, few of us understand its basic science, the limits, and the great promise it holds.

This 1-day course provides the basic science behind the popular renewable options, and a straightforward account of the issues and opportunities of the renewable energy transition, engulfed in the context of economic and environmental drivers, and future technology horizons. Understanding these renewable energy sources and the implications of the energy transition will prepare us for the many changes and challenges ahead.

The course will also discuss how Canadian Energy Futures projections are based on assumptions about future trends in technology, energy and climate policies, energy markets, human behaviour, and the structure of the economy, and how possible energy futures might unfold for Canadians over the long term.

In this course participants can expect to:
  • Understand and visualize the climate issue.
  • Learn about available solutions.
  • Learn about Global Energy Outlook 2050 and Net Zero Concept.
  • Develop an understanding of Carbon Footprint Reduction.
  • Understand energy transition and its consequences.
  • Develop a clear understanding of Canada Energy Future and Projection 2050

Note: Due to constantly changing technologies and policies, course contents may be changed or adjusted without prior notice.
Who Should Attend
The course is suitable for anyone interested in Canada's expansion into renewables and for those wanting to understand the basics of renewable energy sources, available technologies, and Canada's roadmap for energy transition.