Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Fundamentals
Training Course

3 Days

$2295 CAD

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Course Description
This EOR course covers Enhanced Oil Recovery methods used for enhancing oil production from mature reservoirs and provides concepts and limitations of different methods. The main issues which can have significant impacts on success of EOR methods and decisive parameters for selection of EOR techniques for different reservoirs are presented. The course will provide basis for optimized field development planning and investment.

Enhanced oil recovery (EOR) case studies will be described to show practical applications of the methods. New technologies and future prospects for EOR processes are presented.

A complete set of course materials and lunch is included in the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Fundamentals course.

Who Should Attend
This Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Fundamentals course is designed for:

The following topics are covered in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Fundamentals:

General Reservoir Description
  • Geological description
  • Rock and fluid properties
  • Conventional and unconventional reservoirs

Reservoir Oil Recovery Processes
  • Fluid flow in oil reservoirs
  • Gas cap and aquifer support mechanism

Depletion under Primary Recovery
  • Main drive mechanisms
  • Realistic expectations

Secondary Oil Recovery Processes
  • Immiscible gas injection
  • Water flood

Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Influential parameters
  • Feasibility and complexity considerations

Miscible Methods
  • Process description
  • Design and selection criteria
  • Case studies

Thermal Methods
  • Process description
  • Design and selection criteria
  • Case studies

Chemical Methods
  • Process description
  • Design and selection criteria
  • Case studies

Carbon Dioxide Flooding
  • Process description
  • Design and selection criteria
  • Case studies

Other EOR Methods
  • Process description
  • Design and selection criteria
  • Case studies

EOR Challenges and Future Prospects
  • Economical
  • Technical
  • Educational and training

Davood Khairkhah, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Graduated with M.S and Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from The University of Southern California, Dr. Khairkhah has over 30 years of experience working and teaching in Canada and internationally, in the oil & gas industry and universities, including the University of Calgary and the University of Southern California. He has presented courses in the areas of sensors and smart wells/reservoirs, production engineering, reservoir engineering, reservoir modeling, underground gas storage, fractured reservoirs, well testing, EOR methods, water flooding, and natural gas transmission and processing. His courses have been attended by technical and non-technical participants, ranging from young professionals to senior management.

Industrial projects include field development planning, reservoir characterization, integrated reservoir study, reservoir simulation, water and gas injection in oil reservoirs, horizontal well, multi-stage hydraulic fracturing, reserve analysis, well test design and analysis for conventional and unconventional reservoirs, gas storage development and performance analysis, PVT and core analysis, and gas production from gas hydrate reservoirs.
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