Managing Workplace Conflict and Communication Skills
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1 Days

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Course Description
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This highly interactive and skill building one-day course is designed for leaders, team members, and anyone who needs to communicate and interact with others in the workplace.

The benefits of attending this course are far-reaching since effective communications and conflict resolution strategies in the workplace will lead to healthier, highly satisfied, more productive employees. There are also cost savings in organizations when employees learn to actively listen and communicate in ways that reduce misunderstandings or eliminate communication breakdowns.

The morning will focus on interpersonal communications and factors influencing communications; passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive and assertive behaviours and skills / techniques related to assertive behaviour; and finally, appropriate skills and behaviours valuable in the context of giving and receiving feedback.

The afternoon will focus on conflict management skills including the administration and interpretation of a self-assessment tool regarding conflict-inducing behaviours and strategies for managing conflict in the workplace with others. Finally, the afternoon will focus on problem solving skills or collaborative problem solving, essential for achieving win-win solutions.

A complete set of course materials is included in the Managing Workplace Conflict and Communication Skills course.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the Managing Workplace Conflict and Communication Skills workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Describe various communication skills e.g., listening, questioning and feedback that are essential for creating and maintaining positive interactions with team members / others.

2. Describe the guiding principles for creating and maintaining positive interactions with others.

3. Explain the interpersonal communication model and the factors influencing interpersonal communication.

4. Apply effective listening and questioning skills with others.

5. Describe the differences between passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive and assertive behaviour, and explain reasons for behaving assertively, especially in creating and maintaining positive interactions with others.

6. Describe two assertive skills and the application of these skills.

7. Apply appropriate guidelines and techniques for giving and receiving feedback in the workplace.

8. Define what is meant by the term “conflict” and how the word is interpreted in the workplace.

9. Describe factors that may lead toward conflict happening in the workplace.

10. Explain strategies for managing workplace conflict.

11. Apply a five-step problem-solving method for resolving workplace conflict.

Jane Grant, CPHR
As an energetic and versatile Human Resources Management Consultant, Jane has over 25 years of experience in the design, facilitation, and evaluation of various training and development programs, including leadership development programs.

Jane’s passion and enthusiasm for the training and development area is evident in the facilitation of her highly interactive and engaging courses. Jane’s participants have included those working in oil and gas, manufacturing, information technology, health care, government, education, engineering, not-for-profit, etc. Jane has also taught for many years at the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).

Jane is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR retired), and a Certified Coach Practitioner. Jane is a member of CPHR BC & Yukon, a past member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, and a past director of the Southern Alberta Chapter of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants.
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"Jane's experience is a great source of information and real work related scenarios help to understand the material better."
- Seismic Data Analyst

"Jane provided a great flow to the day - allowed breaks, provided diverse exercises. She also allowed a lot of opportunity for all the participants to contribute. It was good getting to know the others in the class. The course was an overview of a lot, but there are tools that we can take away which is good."
- Anonymous

"The course was very practical."
- Reservoir Engineer

"Really appreciated the conflict resolution section and tools."

"This course was very good, and Jane managed to keep it interesting and interactive and certainly kept my attention. I will be able to take this back and apply the learnings to my workplace and personal development."
- Sr. Mechanical Technologist

"I really liked this class, I enjoyed it and learned a lot."
- Lab Tech.

"Great course. I will recommend it. It would be a great course to do every year or two, because a refresher would be good. Thank you!"
- Engineer

"I did enjoy this course. It has given me a good point of reference to put forth in my daily workplace environment."
- Procurement

"Excellent Job Jane. Thank you!"
- Chief Engineer

"Very interactive class, and the instructor did an excellent job. She was professional in her delivery and her examples were easy to relate to."
- Anon.

"Awesome Job! Thanks for the useful information."
- Maintenance

"This course exceeded my expectations. I gained a lot of helpful tips for interpersonal relationships in the workplace."
- Engineer

"Excellent - Got some good information and will use the tips and experience."
- Administrative Assistant

"The instructor was clear and helped people that weren't participating to participate and give opinions."
- Technologist

"Jane was a very energetic and comprehensive (good examples) instructor."
- Field Engineer

"I was worried the course material would be too dry, but Jane did a very good job of keeping it light and fresh. Thanks for an excellent course!"
- Project Manager

"Really enjoyed this course. It has given me some useful insight on my conflict resolution style (and that of my colleagues!) Thank you!"
- Geologist

"Enjoyed the small class size. it facilitated some good open discussion that I doubt would have been possible with more participants."
- Mechanical Design Engineer

"Excellent Instructor. Presented the material well and provided good examples and case studies."
- Facilities Engineer

"Jane was an effective and engaging speaker who clearly presented the topics and actively encouraged classroom participation. I enjoyed the session and learned valuable skills to apply in the future as well as personal strength/weaknesses/preferences to improve upon."
- Project Engineer

"Jane presented the information in a clear manner. I like the examples she provided. I learned some good information and now have some good takeaways."
- Treasury Analyst

"Effective balance of course material and personal experience to reinforce concepts. Good pace."
- Anonymous

"Jane was very easy to understand and had the ability to take our comments and re-adjust her examples so they were more personalized. Very Good."
- QA Manager

"I learned a lot about how to communicate and how I can apply it to my job. It was amazing the way this seminar was done. Jane was excellent."
- Production Supervisor