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Modern Sand Control Completion Practices - 5 day
Training Course

5 Days

$2995 CAD

Upcoming Sessions
There is currently no upcoming sessions available for this course. Please check back later!
Course Description
One of the objectives of well completion is to maximize productivity with reliable equipment. These objectives are difficult to attain in unconsolidated sand formations due to sand production as a result of stress concentration. When sanding occurs, there is a lost or deferred production leading to lost of revenue.

In this course, the causes and consequences of sand production will be discussed, followed by the prediction measures to decide or delay sand control in oil and gas project development.

All the types of sandface completions and the emerging technologies, available in the industry today, to prevent sand production and to boost well productivity results, will be discussed.

This course will be crowned with integrated approach to sandface completion solutions in the field. Both success/failure case histories from different operating environment (land, offshore including deepwater) should be expected.

Recommended Prerequisites:Drilling, completion and production engineering and operation background at any level.

Advantages of the Modern Sand Control Completion Practices course

In this Sand Control Technology course, you will learn how to:
    1. Determine the causes of sand production
    2. Determine the need for sand control
    3. Select the best sand control method
    4. Prepare the well for sand control installations
    5. Apply “Best Practices” to ensure successful sand control completions
    6. Conduct successful “frac packs”
    7. Evaluate sand control performance
Who Should Attend
The Modern Sand Control Completion Practices course is designed for:
  • Completion, Drilling, Reservoir, Production and Research Engineers
  • Drilling and Completion Supervisors /foremen
  • Drilling and Completion Superintendents
  • Drilling, Completion and Production Managers
  • Field supervisors and managers, technical personnel who supplies well completions services and equipment.
  • Those involved in sand control applications in different installation environments (land, offshore and deepwater offshore).