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Professional Oil and Gas Courses and Seminars to Help You Succeed!
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The following is a list of all currently available seminars. Click on a course title to view detail information on time, place, instructor, accommodations, how to register, etc.
Start Date Location Course Title Fee
Sep.1, 18 Online - On Demand National Professional Practice Exam - Prep Course $99 CAD
Sep.11, 18 Calgary, Alberta Introduction to Well Completion Design $1295 CAD
Sep.13, 18 Calgary, Alberta Cement Log Evaluation - In High Angle to Horizontal Wells $1895 CAD
Sep.14, 18 Calgary, Alberta In-Situ Oil Extraction: SAGD $895 CAD
Sep.17, 18 Calgary, Alberta Introduction to Log Analysis $2195 CAD
Sep.21, 18 Calgary, Alberta Fundamentals of Natural Gas Processing $895 CAD
Sep.27, 18 Calgary, Alberta Becoming More Assertive In the Workplace $795 CAD
Oct.1, 18 Calgary, Alberta Successful Well Completion and Workover Practices: A Practical Approach From Design to Field Operations $3495 CAD
Oct.9, 18 Calgary, Alberta Formation Damage Prevention and Treatments $2195 CAD
Oct.18, 18 Calgary, Alberta Managing Workplace Conflict and Communication Skills $795 CAD
Nov.9, 18 Calgary, Alberta Centrifugal Pump Hydraulics, Sizing And Design Practices $895 CAD
Nov.22, 18 Calgary, Alberta Giving Constructive Feedback – Peer to Peer $795 CAD
Nov.29, 18 Calgary, Alberta Basics of Petroleum Refinery Processing $1695 CAD
Dec.5, 18 Calgary, Alberta Learn To Read (P&IDs) Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams $1595 CAD
Dec.7, 18 Calgary, Alberta Stress and Time Management $795 CAD